Widget Gallery

Targeted calls to action, broadcasted from your DOOH content.

Text Widget

A clickable headline

Use text widgets to deliver quick messaging, break up widget sections, or even show fun facts about your brand.

Like all other widgets, the colours are all fully customisable, to keep your content on-brand.

Image Widget

A mini-billboard

Showcase products, highlight events, create a lookbook, or anything where a picture can say more than words.

Like all widgets, these images are clickable, taking the user directly to your online or in-app content. 

Product Widget

A scrollable mini-catalogue.

Highlight the best of your e-commerce offering, with direct product links, giving the ability to show a product image, name, price, and any discouts applied.

Like all widgets, you can tailor the products shown by user demographic and target audiences.

Video Widget

Show them how it’s done.

Immerse your audience in a sippet of your brand’s experiences, with an auto-playing video widget. Show a full ad, product demo, tutorial or anything else.

Load in MP4 files or social content from YouTube, Instagram, TikTok and more. 

Link Widget

Connect to your apps and services

Link directly to your app, website, ecommerce site, aggregator, booking platform, socials, contact channels or even book a ride to your physical location. 

Like all widgets, links can vary by time of day, specific days, or dates.

Instagram Widget

9 Images to get a new follower

Enter your instagram username when building your catch widget, and catch will pull in your 9 latest posts dynamically. You can even filter by hashtag.

If the user is already logged in to instagram, we also show a 1-tap follow button – without leaving your widgets.

Facebook Widget

A mini-preview of your page

Enter your facebook page address when building your catch campaign, and we’ll generate a mini-preview of your business page, with your header and logo.

If the user is logged-in to Facebook already, we show a one-tap button to “Like” your page.

Enquiry Widget

One-tap lead generation

Sometimes your customers want you to contact them, say to arrange a test drive, arrage a property viewing, or simply to schedule a call to learn more. 

The Catch ‘Enquiry widget’ lets users send you their name, phone number and a product/service of interest with a single tap. Catch sends this to you as an email. 

AR Widget

Augmented reality quick-look

Got 3D models of your products? Upload the models to the AR widget, and give your customers an immersive experience with your brand, showing anything from toys and furniture to cars and trainers. All just a tap away with the AR widget.

Reservation Widget

Availability at a glance

With support for popular services like Opentable, Reserveout, Fresha, and EatApp – simply hook up your business account and catch will show live availability in an easy to digest format, just one tap away from making a reservation directly within the service.